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Amy Perejuan-Capone lives and works between Perth, Western Australia, and Reykjavik, Iceland. She graduated with a BA (Fine Art) from Curtin University in 2009 and an Advanced Diploma of Industrial Design from Central Institute of Technology in 2014, each with final bodies of work that explored the interactive agency of the inorganic elements in human life. Her practice engages with both the contemporary art and design discourse, with a focus on using methodologies more aligned with art making to bridge the two disciplines. Her limited edition or one-off furniture pieces, ceramics and drawing/paintings exist on a spectrum that spans ideas made manifest (as sculpture) through to traditional object representation (with plenty in between). Amy makes sculpture via furniture as a means to explore the agency of objects, from their genesis as an idea to their practical use as an item in the home which expresses both the intent of the maker and the user and sometimes even its own subjectivity. She draws in detail, very normal inorganic objects (such as trucks and budget supermarkets) as an attempt to capture and represent these objects subjectivity. In 2015 Amy launched her label Horse On Toast with her first solo exhibition, Horse On Toast, at Paper Mountain, Perth. Amy's label is about gleeful absurdity and serves as a conceptual guide for her creative investigations. It looks at the world sideways and tries to hijack traditional systems of object meaning.


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Volume 2015: Another Art Book Fair
Amy Perejuan-Capone
6 pages, Wrapped: 6x6x10cm/ Un-wrapped: 35x35x6cm, Solid hexagonal brass cover wrapped in furoshiki cloth
Edition of 6 + 2AP
Publication date: August, 2015
Perth, Australia

"Hoard/Surrender/Intuition/Autonomy/Judgement/Collect, is a book about my creative process as I negotiate between art and design. Heavy hexagonal machined brass compresses sheets of paper depicting objects and machines central to my practice and is bundled in a furoshiki cloth. It is a concentrated distillation of the themes and subject matter explored in my drawings, paintings, furniture, and ceramics and is intended as an object with agency and gravitas of its own. The six pages present my creative cycle from the hoarding of ideas/objects, surrender to their influence, intuition of their meaning/importance, respect for their autonomy, judgement of relative value and the final collection of elements in order to make work. The objects depicted are characters in the 6-chapter story, autonomous beings with invisible agency, going about their business as I go about mine." - Amy Perejuan-Capone, August 2015

Images courtesy of the artist.