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Emma Buswell is a West Australian based artist currently practicing out of Perth. Her work incorporates aspects of sculpture, performance, painting, drawing and video and is primarily preoccupied with documenting the interactions between art and the urban environment. Intersecting built environment, architecture and imagination her work is interested in the roles the gallery has to play within urban spaces and environment and the potential ways in which art practice can challenge a view of the gallery space as a fixed or permanent space.


State Team Appearances

Volume 2015: Another Art Book Fair
Emma Buswell
168 pages, 22x28cm, Soft cover
Edition of 30
Publication date: July 2014
Perth, Australia

"Combining ideation, drawing, painting, collage and installation, COLLAPSE is a project centred around attempting to realise a tent as an alternative art space. Inspired by my travels to Christchurch and the effort made by that city to use art as a formidable rebuilding tool in the wake of the Christchurch earthquakes, this body of work seeks to speculate on the potential of collapsible and mobile architectures. Produced as a book and an accompanying camp chair, this project was first shown at Paper Mountain Gallery as part of the exhibition Stay/Keep curated by Melissa McGrath." - Emma Buswell August, 2015

Copies of COLLAPSE can be purchased online here by demand.

Images by Melissa McGrath.