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Rachel Salmon-Lomas is an artist, and educator based in Perth. Her creative practice largely focuses on themes of isolation and connection, both through the urban landscape and character-based investigations using traditional print processes. She has worked at Curtin University both as a technician and lecturer in printmedia and electronic arts for many years and is also heavily involved in the local dance music scene as a dj and broadcaster on RTRFM.


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Volume 2015: Another Art Book Fair
Riley (moments in the life)
Rachel Salmon-Lomas
128 pages, 12.5x17cm, Hardcover wrap-around
ISBN: 978-0-646-92359-8
Publication date: 2015
Perth, Australia

"This book gathers a select number of prints from hundreds of evolving editions of dry point etchings that I have produced continuously, largely unseen for the past 20 years. They reflect situational epiphanies and a particular set of private moments, with the hope of connecting universally through the experiences we share, yet in which we often feel at our most isolated. Often bearing the self imposed artificial gravity of multiple selves under personal paperweights, Riley (the cow) transitions from private gestures into recognizable, performative public language. This book reveals glimpses of Riley that are presented to perform in your own context, albeit just for a moment." - Rachel Salmon-Lomas August, 2015

Images courtesy of the artist.