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Anna Dunnill is an artist and writer from Perth. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Visual Art from the Central Institute of Technology, and a BA in Creative Writing from Curtin University. Her practice investigates communication and connection, with forms including drawing, text, tattoo and embroidery. She has exhibited at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Fremantle Arts Centre, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, and Paper Mountain, among others. Her writing has been published in several print journals, anthologies and online. In addition to her solo practice Anna is one half of Snapcat, an artistic collaboration with Renae Coles that involves painting, object-making and participatory performance.


State Team Appearances

Volume 2015: Another Art Book Fair
A Short Lesson in Embroidery
Anna Dunnill
36pages, 10.5x14x3cm, Hardcover with air-dry clay and graphite (individually treated)
Edition of 40
Publication date: August 2014
Perth, Australia

"A Short Lesson in Embroidery is a selection of objects, embroideries, drawings and tattoos, linked by a piece of text. The work explores tactility, the self and the body through different processes of mark-making and piercing of surfaces." - Anna Dunnill August, 2015

Images courtesy of the artist unless otherwise stated.

Image by Melissa McGrath.